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Install apps inside RICOH THETA and create powerful solutions with an integrated form-factor.


Name Summary
Woof Shot! Supports fun dog-focused 360° picture taking.
Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in for RICOH THETA V and Z1, live stream 360° video to YouTube without using a computer.
VR Media Connection Plug-in for RICOH THETA V and Z1 to connect to a head mounted display (HMD) wirelessly and view THETA 360° pictures.
Voice Theta Plug-in for RICOH THETA V, use voice commands to activate the camera shutter button.
Transect Motion Monitor Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that takes a picture when the camera is moved (pitch or roll) within an adjustable threshold.
Time Shift Shooting Plug-in for RICOH THETA V and Z1, makes it possible to easily eliminate photographer from the 360° shot.
VR Site Tour Time-Lapse Condense hours of work into easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse bursts, sync directly to site plans, BIM 3D models.
THETA RTSP Streaming RICOH THETA V plug-in to open and play RTSP Streams from an RTSP client tool like VLC.
THETA Magic Filters RICOH THETA plug-in that processes images and quickly generates interesting transformations of your 360° pictures.
Smart Device Control RICOH THETA V and Z1 by speaking commands through Alexa.
Sleep Delay Control Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that disables/enables sleep mode with one button press.
Single Lens Shooting Plug-in for RICOH THETA V and Z1, used to take a picture using only the front lens.
Shutter Volume Control Adjust the shutter volume on your RICOH THETA V without the need to connect to a mobile phone.
Settings Reset Reset your RICOH THETA V with one button press.
Self-timer Locked RICOH THETA V plug-in to take 360° pictures or videos using self-timer mode.
Scuba For recreational and scientific diving using the TW-1 underwater case, takes 1,000 pictures at 4 second intervals.
Plug-in Launcher for Z1 Select and start desired RICOH THETA Z1 plug-in from list of all installed plug-ins, no need to connect to smartphone.
No Stitch Tester Basic dual-fisheye plug-in for RICOH THETA V to test RGB data and metadata of 360° images taken with the RICOH 2.1 API.
MESH Plug-in for RICOH THETA Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that easily connects with two different MESH IoT blocks: shutter button and motion sensor.
Meow Shot! Aimed at making cute cats look at the RICOH THETA V camera using your recorded voice or pre-recorded meows.
Make Smile Shutter Make children smile and look at the RICOH THETA V camera using your recorded voice, altered with fun special effects.
Long Video High Compression Uses High Efficiency Compression, not default H.264 video compression standard, to reduce the 360° video file size.
Long Video Classic Plug-in saves RICOH THETA V videos longer than 25 minutes using standard H.264 compression and standard video bitrate.
Live View with Smart AI RICOH THETA V plug-in, provides a WebRTC based 360° Live View, with Smart Object Detection implemented using TensorFlow.
HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream RICOH THETA V plug-in that allows you to livestream your construction sites 24/7 in 360°.
HID Remote Connect RICOH THETA with any Human Interface Device (HID) like keyboard, mouse, finger presenter, game controller.
HDR2EXR Designed to help visual special effects professionally easily grab lighting conditions on-set.
GoThru File Upload Connect your RICOH THETA V to a wireless network, and upload your 360° images directly to your GoThru account.
Gesture Theta RICOH THETA V plug-in that will automatically take a picture with a 5 second delay when detecting a hand gesture.
Fita A plug-in suite for Ricoh Theta V owners to connect to Google Cloud Storage.
File cloud upload V2 Upload RICOH THETA pictures directly to a Google drive account.
Automatic Face Blur BETA Blurs all faces in 360° RICOH THETA pictures, both original and blurred photos saved.
Evryplace Sync Seamless uploads of 360° images created using RICOH THETA V camera with the EVRYPLACE app and an EVRYPLACE account.
Evercam Open Source Timelapse Free and open source construction timelapse plug-in for RICOH THETA V, take up to 4,500 timelapse pictures.
Dual Fisheye Plug-in v2.4.1 Single or bracketed dual-fisheye images. Merge DNG images into super HDR
Device WebAPI Plug-in Virtual server on RICOH THETA V, provides web API for taking pictures, videos, live preview, managing storage.
Color Tester Tool to help RICOH THETA V plug-in developers easily identify and test all the LEDs on their THETA V.
Circle Detector Pattern recognition plug-in for RICOH THETA V, detects circular objects, outlines all circular objects in pink.
Chicken Shot! Plays two different bird calls from the RICOH THETA V internal speaker, takes pictures through a browser.
Bracket Quick Shot Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that takes 3 pictures at different exposures.
Big Time Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that sets self-timer shutter delay for longer than 5 seconds.
Authydra v2.1 VFX automatic HDR capture, plugin for THETA V and Z1.