DualFisheye Plugin

By hirota41d
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Take a single / multiple dual-fisheye 360 degree images more quickly with just one click.

How to use

"Mode" button: toggles shooting mode
"Wifi" button: toggles number of shots
"Wifi" button (long press): toggles 10 sec timer on/off
"Fn" button (Z1 only): toggles JPG/DNG* mode

*JPG takes ~1sec/shot
*DNG takes more time, ~2.5sec/shot

To speed up the process, the DualFisheye Plug-in keeps the two 180 degree fisheye images unstitched. Afterward, you can send them over to the processing devices (e.g. PC/Android) for batch processing (merging/stitching application is required).


- In single shot mode, 1 shot takes about 1 second.
- Bracketing mode can take 3/5/7/9 shots at 1EV step.
- Burst mode can take 3/5/7/9/17 shots.
- HDR-DNG mode (Z1 only) can take 3/5/7/9 shots at 1EV step, then generates 16bit float HDR DNG image by stacking them. With only +20% extra file size, it can store much wider dynamic range, up to +/-4EV range.



Theta Z1 Stitcher

What's New
Reduced pink noise error in HDR-DNG mode