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Travel and Training Apps

Use RICOH THETA to promote travel with virtual tours; dramatically reduce travel costs with remote training.

Name Summary
CloudPano Create and display virtual tours in 360° and VR.
InstaVR No-coding, web browser based, interactive authoring tool for publishing interactive 360° images and video.
Kuula Popular, easy-to-use online software for creating virtual tours, share 360° images.
Lapentor Cloud-based virtual tour software.
Live Planet Video file uploading and sharing service.
Momento360 Upload, view, and share your 360° photos and videos all in one place, all from your browser.
Orbix360 Publish 360º experiences on mobile, desktop and virtual reality.
Paneek Interactive media platform for creating engaging virtual tours by adding links, 360° photos and videos.
Spinnatic An online platform for creating custom 360° virtual tours.
You Visit Uses experiential content to show students more and ultimately increase conversions.