Settings Reset

By John Parmalee
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Reset your RICOH THETA V with one button press.

Background and When to Use

.guide community member 1116, Vitaliy, requested this plug-in be built to reset the off delay setting. He was having problems with the Android Mobile app failing to work effectively with the RICOH THETA V.

More information on the Community Guide:
Plug-in for THETA V Settings Reset - Now in Store

How To Use

Prior to using this plug-in you must first use the RICOH desktop or mobile app and select Settings Reset under Plug-in Management.

Press the side Wi-Fi button to perform a settings reset.

The Wi-Fi LED will turn red briefly, and there will be a short audio chirp. The camera will reboot


This plug-in was built by Leaning Len and John P in one day as a way to learn about plug-in development and help out the community with a simple utility. Idea for the plug-in and background information provided by 1116 - Vitaliy.