HID Remote

By Skunk Works
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Connect RICOH THETA with any Human Interface Device (HID) like keyboard, mouse, finger presenter, game controller.


This THETA plug-in was born from a team "SKUNK WORKS," a team formed of volunteers who provided technical information on THETA plug-ins.

With this plug-in, THETA can be connect with HID (Human Interface Device) and use HID to remotely control THETA.

HID can be seen in various things such as keyboard, mouse, finger presenter, game controller, VR mouse and so on. Both wired and wireless HID types are available.

In the case of wireless, at this moment, it is necessary to plug USB dongle type receiver into the USB port of THETA. At the moment, the ones mainly compatible with Windows and Android were able to be used.

Recommended Equipment

- Inateck WP2002: https://www.inateck.com/jp/wireless-products/inateck-wp2002-black.html
- KOKUYO ELA-FP1: https://www.kokuyo-st.co.jp/stationery/fp/

Although some HIDs have multiple buttons, the association between button operations and THETA actions can be freely changed using the webUI.

There are 26 assignable actions at this time (27 ways when including "no action").
There is also an action in which THETA speaks and conveys the result of remote control. With this version, the sound emitted from THETA is in Japanese.

If you want to change the spoken language, please customize based on the published source code.

Please refer here for details.

- Development background information
https://qiita.com/KA-2/items/e847c780cc0fee187f89 (Japanese only)
- Code
- Move

In addition, the mechanism of the THETA body's button is as same as HID.
Because of this, by using this plug-in assigned role on THETA's button can be changed.