Woof Shot!

By Matt Hotsinpillar
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Supports fun dog-focused 360° picture taking.


Woof Shot! is a THETA plug-in to support fun dog-focused 360° picture taking.

Although cats are great, the dog-lovers of the world demanded a dog-specific plug-in for their RICOH THETA cameras! Dogs are great, too!

Get your dog's attention by making the camera emit a bark and then take their picture.

This plug-in has three commands:

* Play a pre-recorded dog bark using the THETA speaker.
* Take a 360° picture remotely using a web browser.
* To customize the plug-in so your dog will respond better, record your own voice using the mic in your THETA.

To use this plug-in, you do not need to install any mobile apps. You will be using a web browser, either on your smartphone or on a desktop computer.

Credit: This plug-in has been modified from Meow Shot! by Hideki Shiro

Have fun with your doggy friend!