Change via Tilt

By Skunk Works
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With this THETA plug-in, you can change the shooting settings by combining THETA's position (tilt) and button operations

Most shooting settings can be done without a smartphone.

The settings that can be operated with this plug-in are as follows.

- Change shooting mode (still image/video)
- Change the exposure mode (Auto/Av/Tv/Iso/Manual)
- Change shooting settings for each exposure mode
(Aperture, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, white balance, an Option setting in still image auto mode [NR/DR Comp/HDR/ Hh HDR]
- Change the white balance specification method (preset/color temperature)
- Change file format (JPEG / RAW +) when shooting still images
- Change self-timer on/off
- Change continuous shooting mode (Off/Time Shift/Interval/Interval Composite)

When you close the plug-in, the setting change made with the plug-in is saved and will be adopted when the plug-in is restarted.

This plug-in is compatible with remote controllers (HID devices that send out the "Vol +" key code).

Use THETA's posture to enable settings without a smartphone