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By Ricoh Company, Ltd.
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Z1 V
Control RICOH THETA V and Z1 by speaking commands through Alexa.

If you have an Alexa device and would like to help contribute to the developers community by testing this plug-in for either THETA V or THETA Z1, please contact me!


With Smart Device plug-in, Alexa lets you use your voice to control RICOH THETA by speaking commands through Alexa device. To setup voice control to any certified "Works with Alexa" product*, enable the skill and link your Alexa account to your RICOH THETA account. Then just ask Alexa shoot still images, shoot videos, and change still image shooting settings**.
* Operation is not guaranteed on all devices
** Shooting settings can be changed for each of HDR rendering, DR compensation or noise reduction.

To operate THETA using this function, the following steps must be completed in advance.
* Install the SmartDevice plug-in to RICOH THETA
* Register an account to the SmartDevice website (
* Install RICOH THETA skill in to your " Work with Alexa device" such as Amazon Echo (
* Link your Alexa account with the account registered in the website above.

For details of the settings, refer to the manual below.

[Samples to ask Alexa]

- To start RICOH THETA
"Alexa, open RICOH THETA"

- Shooting still images
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to shoot an image"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to take a photo"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to snap an image"

- Shooting videos
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to shoot a video"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to capture a movie for 5 minutes"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to stop shooting"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to stop video recording"

- Changing the still image shooting settings
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to turn HDR rendering on"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to enable DR compensation"
"Alexa, ask RICOH THETA to turn Noise reduction on"

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