Long Video Classic

By codetricity360
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Plug-in saves RICOH THETA V videos longer than 25 minutes using standard H.264 compression and standard video bitrate.

Long Video Classic Plug-in for RICOH THETA

RICOH THETA: How to Extend 25 Minute Video Limit

More information on the Community Theta Guide:  THETA V Long Video Plug-in: Recording beyond 25 minutes


Save videos longer than 25 minutes. Uses standard H.264 compression and standard video bitrate. This is an alternative plug-in for people that have problems with the Long Video High Compression Plug-in that uses next-generation compression and non-standard bitrate. For people having problems with Long Video High Compression, this plug-in should work. It is only useful if you need to take a single video that is over 25 minutes and under 45 minutes. The plug-in supports single-channel audio. Spatial audio does not work. Metadata is stripped out. You may need to inject metadata using a separate tool. The plug-in does not save camera orientation data to the video. 


  • No spatial audio. The code can be modified to save a 4ch spatial audio .wav file with first-order ambisonics B-format. The spatial audio file is not saved by default to avoid people having to delete the file.
  • metadata is stripped out of the file. You may need to inject the metadata using a tool after your shoot. Instructions are below.

Installation and Setup

If you are compiling from source, follow these steps for installation:

  1. Install the plug-in with ADB
  2. Set permissions with Vysor
  3. Use the THETA Desktop app to set the default plug-in "Long Video Classic"


  1. Put the camera into  plug-in mode
  2. Take video
  3. Stop plug-in by pressing the lower mode button
  4. Turn the camera off by pressing the power button for 8 seconds
  5. Turn the camera back on and plug it into your computer with a USB cable
  6. Look for the file in /RICOH THETA V/Fixed Storage/DCIM/100RICOH


Post Production

Spatial Media Metadata Injector

You may need to inject the metadata into the video file with Spatial Media Metadata Injector.

1. Install the binary file with the link above. Pre-built applications are available for Mac and Windows.

2. Open the file.

3. Save the file with metadata injected with a new filename. Use the new video file with injected metadata in your applications and on YouTube/Facebook.

Related Plug-in

The 4k-long-video plug-in uses HEVC compression and lower bitrate encoding. It can save longer videos and the file size will be smaller. However, you may have problems dealing with HEVC videos with some applications.