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Commercial and Business Apps

Businesses are using RICOH THETA to increase revenue and their expand customer base.

Name Summary
Zillow Create an immersive real estate experience with the free Zillow 3D Home™ app.
VTRUS Autonomous indoor data capture using self-recharging drone system.
You Visit Uses experiential content to show students more and ultimately increase conversions.
theta4j Library for the WebAPI for RICOH THETA Plug-ins.
HoloBuilder Capture and fully document your construction site with RICOH THETA in 360°.
RICOH360 Tours All-in-one solution for real estate agents.
Matterport Makes capturing, creating, distributing interactive 3D models easy and affordable, integrated with RICOH THETA.
InsideMaps Present and visualize spaces and properties, create interactive virtual tours, 3D models, floor plans, 3D tour videos.
StructionSite Service that lets builders verify work-in-place and document progress.
Cupix Capture spaces in 3D without using expensive 3D scanners.
Kuula Popular, easy-to-use online software for creating virtual tours, share 360° images.
InstaVR No-coding, web browser based, interactive authoring tool for publishing interactive 360° images and video.
VR Site Tour Time-Lapse Condense hours of work into easy-to-share 10-second time-lapse bursts, sync directly to site plans, BIM 3D models.
enVisite Virtual tours for real estate.
FeelEstate Self-created virtual 360° tours using RICOH THETA S and FEELESTATE CMS software.
AVATOUR Telepresence app lets you invite clients, collaborators to join you in a real place in real-time.
Streambox HDMI live streaming over cellular modems at an effective transmission rate of 12 mbps.
Spotwalk Document construction sites with dog-like walking robot from Boston Robotics coupled with HoloBuilder and RICOH THETA.
3i Auto-Shot End-to-end solution for high-volume marketing of cars with 360° shots of the interior.
Spin Car Enables anyone to create professional-quality 360° walkarounds for automobiles.
RICOH THETA WebAPI SDK Start developing apps for RICOH THETA on iOS and Android platforms.
RICOH THETA Plug-in SDK Implements basic parts necessary for developing RICOH THETA plug-ins. References a plug-in library.
Bluebeam Revu Simplify complex AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction) processes, collaborate in real-time with teams.
React 360 Framework for the creation of 3D and VR user interfaces, built on top of React.
RICOH360 Projects Enabling construction teams to quickly understand and view jobsite status
OSCR360 Organize, capture, contain and connect evidence for crime and crash scene forensics.
FlickFusion Help automotive shoppers have the very best online shopping experience possible.
Eyespy360 360° virtual tours, 3D models and floor plans with video calling.
Copart Online vehicle auctions.
Motorstreet 360° Customized solutions for automobile companies.
doit VR Create 360° virtual tours.
VPiX Open turnkey 3D virtual reality business.
Nurve Uses RICOH THETA, a standalone VR headset optimized for sales presentations, and a cloud-based software platform.
Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation Free software suite for designing spatial audio.
Asteroom 3D virtual tour creation including 3D dollhouses.
mimoLive Live video production software for Mac.
Metareal Make VR and mobile-ready 3D virtual tours.
Marzipano - free 360° media viewer.
Mapillary Street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision.
Live Planet Video file uploading and sharing service.
KeepEyeOnBall European software startup delivering virtual reality experiences for real estate, hospitality business and luxury sales.
HoloBuilder 360 SiteStream RICOH THETA V plug-in that allows you to livestream your construction sites 24/7 in 360°.
GoThru File Upload Connect your RICOH THETA V to a wireless network, and upload your 360° images directly to your GoThru account.
Google VR Create immersive VR experiences at Google scale.
Fita A plug-in suite for Ricoh Theta V owners to connect to Google Cloud Storage.
Fieldwire Field management software for construction teams.
Fieldlens Mobile construction collaboration app, allows you to "walk and post," documenting conversations, assignments, decisions.
Evryplace Sync Seamless uploads of 360° images created using RICOH THETA V camera with the EVRYPLACE app and an EVRYPLACE account.
Evryplace 360° VR presentations editor for presenting real estate spaces and performing live remote tours.
Evercam Open Source Timelapse Free and open source construction timelapse plug-in for RICOH THETA V, take up to 4,500 timelapse pictures.
Device WebAPI Plug-in Virtual server on RICOH THETA V, provides web API for taking pictures, videos, live preview, managing storage.
Threshold 360 Create 360° virtual tours for Destinations, Hotels, and Venues.
Blender Free, open source 3D creation suite, supports 3D pipeline—modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, more.
Benaco Easy automated 3D scans, create 3D virtual tours without expensive equipment or having to link photos manually.
Autodesk Construction Cloud Combines next-generation technology and a robust network of professionals and firms.
A-Frame Javascript web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences, from Mozilla VR team (WebVR).