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Intro. SC2 and Mobile App Development
Ep 1. Connect to Camera and Send First Command
Ep 2. Getting Camera State
Tip. Image Metadata and Camera State
Tip. Difference between state and status
Tip. How to connect camera to Windows 10
Ep 4. List files on camera
Ep 5. Download files from camera
Ep 6. Move scripts to mobile app
Ep 7. Completing basic mobile app
Tip. 360 navigation with swipe
SC2 Live Preview Demo
SC2 API Compared to V
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Command Line API Tester Install and Demonstration

SC2 API Workarounds

Through community testing, we've identified SC2 API problems and have explained workarounds.

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A bug in the SC2 API prevents you from getting the thumbnail in camera.listFiles when you set the maxThumbSize to 640. We have a few workarounds and code samples. Help us out and register for the site. :-)

thumb demo

camera.getLivePreview MotionJPG

A bug in the SDK of the causes the live preview stream to hang on the SC2. We have the SC2 live preview working for extended time periods with our own open source THETA SC2 viewer.

mjpeg demo
community tested



25 Page Community Dev Guide

API testing tools and libraries. Camera processing status tips to chain API commands together with async / await.


SC2 API Differences

Community tests illustrate differences between the APIs for SC2 compared to V or Z1.


15 Code Samples

14 command line samples with Dart and example of using the code in Google's extremely popular Flutter platform to create native iOS and Android apps.


Network Protocol Analyzer Tutorial

Guide to use an HTTP network protocol analyzer to pinpoint mobile app problems when accessing the SC2 API.

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The public API documentation on the RICOH site does not cover the SC2. We are slowly collecting tests from the community and augmenting community tests with our own tests. The process takes time. There are still many gaps in the API tests and it will take more time to solve these problems. Registration helps us verify the value of our work with the community. Thank you.

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