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Hobby and Research Projects

Do-it-yourself with interesting RICOH THETA apps and tools.

Name Summary
Authydra v2.1 - free VFX automatic HDR capture plugin
Live View with Smart AI The plugin provides a WebRTC based 360° Live View, with Smart Object Detection implemented using TensorFlow.
Voice Theta Use Voice to activate theta camera shuttle. By saying word “on” Theta will begin to take picture within 5 seconds.
Gesture Theta RICOH THETA V plug-in that will automatically take a picture with a 5 second delay when detecting a hand gesture.
Circle Detector Pattern recognition plug-in for RICOH THETA V, detects circular objects, outlines all circular objects in pink.
Sleep Delay Control Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that disables/enables sleep mode with one button press.
No Stitch Tester Basic dual-fisheye plug-in for RICOH THETA V to test RGB data and metadata of 360° images taken with the RICOH 2.1 API.
Color Tester Tool to help RICOH THETA V plug-in developers easily identify and test all the LEDs on their THETA V.
Shutter Volume Control Adjust the shutter volume on your RICOH THETA V without the need to connect to a mobile phone.
Transect Motion Monitor Plug-in for RICOH THETA V that takes a picture when the camera is moved (pitch or roll) within an adjustable threshold.
HDR2EXR Designed to help visual special effects professionally easily grab lighting conditions on-set.
Settings Reset Reset your RICOH THETA V with one button press.
Woof Shot! Supports fun dog-focused 360° picture taking.
Chicken Shot! Plays two different bird calls from the RICOH THETA V internal speaker, takes pictures through a browser.
360 Hunting Game fun and lighthearted RICOH plug-in adds monsters to your 360 images!
Video Coin Decentralized video encoding, storage and distribution.
TwinCam Go Real-time sharing of vehicle ride sensation with omni-directional stereoscopic camera and rotary chair.
Termux Android terminal emulator and Linux environment application that works directly with no rooting or setup required.
Sphere Slicer A spherical image slicer Perl script listed on CPAN for patterning spheres.
Sphere Print Print out 360 images in “apple shape” cutout with “hooks” thereby avoiding using glue or tape.
Scandy Sphere 3D printing of 360° pictures.
PTGui - Panorama Printing PTgui contains a "philosphere" (rhombicuboctahedron) generator that helps you to create images needed for printing.
Photo Sphere Viewer JavaScript library which renders 360° panoramas shots with Photo Sphere, the new camera mode of Android 4.2 and above.
Periscope 360 Still provides support for 360° cameras via Periscope Producer functionality.
Panorella Lets you create and purchase your own panoramic 360° photo umbrella.
Pannellum Pannellum is a free open source panorama and 360° viewer.
MESH IoT Blocks IoT "blocks" that are sensors with built-in functions, aimed at younger builders, easy to prototype, build fun projects.
Lockheed Amelia Drone Senior project at RIT, sponsored by Lockheed, streams RICOH THETA V video from drone to VR headset .25 miles away.
Kaleidoscope An embeddable, lightweight, dependency-free 360º image and video viewer. Works in all modern browsers.
HugVR 360° live streaming platform for RICOH THETA S.
Globus Map Projector Converts images from one spherical projection to another. Runs entirely in a browser, using JavaScript and WebGL.
Fox Sewer Rover Robotic rover that drives through and records in 360° the inside of complex networks of underground pipes.
Flexify Photoshop plug-in for panoramas, polyhedra, and maps. Works with free software as well.
360 Image Viewer Standalone panorama WebGL image viewer for desktop and mobile. Uses regl as WebGL wrapper.