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Extend RICOH THETA with protective casings; connect to computers like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and NVIDIA Jetson.

Hardware and Accessories

Name Summary
TL-2 Lens Cap – For Theta Z1 Compact cap to protect the lenses of your Theta Z1.
TL-1 Lens Cap – Not for THETA Z1 Dedicated compact cap to protect the lenses of your Theta SC, S and V.
Stand TM-1 Dedicated monopod for RICOH THETA cameras, made by RICOH.
Semi-Hard Case TS-2 Semi hard carry case for RICOH THETA Z1.
Theta Hardcase TH-2 Clear hardcase for shooting underwater or in inclement conditions.
Theta Extension TE-1 Adapter for RICOH THETA that enables use of tripod while connecting to USB or HDMI cables.
Theta Cable Switch CA-3 Remote control device for RICOH THETA cameras to operate the camera shutter.
Underwater Housing TW-1 TW-1 underwater housing offers 30 meters of waterproofing. Compatible models: RICOH THETA V, S, SC.
3D Microphone TA-1 3D microphone for exclusive use with RICOH THETA V, for recording natural, balanced spatial or 3D audio.
Soft Case TS-1 Soft carrying case made by RICOH, with strap attachment, comes in two colors: white and black.
Ricoh Selfie Stick TM-3 Small, lightweight & portable selfie stick ideal for RICOH THETA.
Ricoh Selfie Stick TM-2 Take great 360 degree selfies with a self stick made explicitly for RICOH THETA.
NVIDIA Jetson Small, powerful computer from NVIDIA, stream from the RICOH THETA as normal USB web cam using the RICOH THETA USB API.
MESH IoT Blocks IoT "blocks" that are sensors with built-in functions, aimed at younger builders, easy to prototype, build fun projects.
Waterproof Hard Travel Case Waterproof hard travel case by HOLACA for RICOH THETA m15, SC, S, and V.
Water Resistant Housing Water resistant housing for RICOH THETA m15, SC, S, and V.
Traveling Bag Traveling Bag for RICOH THETA M15, SC, S, and V.
Theta V Cover with Cleaning Pen K Protective silicon cover with cleaning pen kit, for RICOH THETA V.
Waterproof Camera Case Waterproof camera case, includes dense absorbing foam and airtight seal, for RICOH THETA SC, S, and V.
Attachments for Theta Strap Connect decorative attachments using the tripod hole at the bottom of your THETA to attach straps to your camera.