Single Lens Shooting

By Ricoh Company, Ltd.
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Plug-in for RICOH THETA V and Z1, used to take a picture using only the front lens.


Single Lens Shooting can take a still image with only the front lens (opposite the shutter button). There are two kinds of aspect ratios:

4:3 (Angle of view: 85°) Focal length equivalent to lens for 35 mm film: 23.6mm
1:1 (Angle of view: 180°) Focal length equivalent to lens for 35 mm film: 10.8mm


Set "Single Lens Shooting" as an active plug-in from "Settings" - "Camera setting" - "Plug-in" in "RICOH THETA" basic app for smartphone.

Press and hold the Mode button to launch the plug-in.

Press the shutter button on the camera.

(Activation of plug-in and shooting can also be operated from smartphone.)

Change settings:

In the basic app for smartphone, select "Settings" > "Camera settings" and set "Single Lens Shooting" in "Plug-in," then tap the icon displayed next to "Starting plug-in." The browser is launched and the settings screen appears.


You can not control camera from "RICOH THETA" basic app for smartphone when the plugin activated.


What's New


The quality of the still image is improved.