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Hard-to-categorize apps and tools for interesting RICOH THETA usage.


Name Summary
VR Panorama Viewer View RICOH THETA 360° images inside of Google's Cardboard.
Theta Transfer Enables transferal of original (3584 x 1792) JPG images directly from RICOH THETA to Android.
THETA (Device Web API Plug-in) Controls multiple IoT devices, including RICOH THETA, from an Android mobile app.
Tao360 VR gallery app compatible with Google Cardboard.
Spotwalk Document construction sites with dog-like walking robot from Boston Robotics coupled with HoloBuilder and RICOH THETA.
Spheremote Take photos, download 360° images from RICOH THETA, and create time lapse sequences.
Sphere Slicer A spherical image slicer Perl script listed on CPAN for patterning spheres.
Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation Free software suite for designing spatial audio.
Mapillary Street-level imagery platform that scales and automates mapping using collaboration, cameras, and computer vision.
Kiroro 360 Display RICOH THETA 360° photos and videos, switch to side by side display, attach VR glasses, such as Tao Visor.
Globus Map Projector Converts images from one spherical projection to another. Runs entirely in a browser, using JavaScript and WebGL.
EasyTransfer for Theta Cameras Download full resolution 360° photos from RICOH THETA m15 to your Android device over Wi-Fi.