By AVANTO VR Solutions GmbH
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X Z1 SC2
Self-created virtual 360° tours using RICOH THETA S and FEELESTATE CMS software.


In cooperation with the globally acting camera producer RICOH, Panolife’s FEELESTATE provides a time and cost-efficient solution, consisting of the 360 degree camera RICOH THETA S and the user-friendly FEELESTATE CMS, to present your real estate property in the best way possible – with self-created virtual 360 degree tours. Remote controlled through Panolife’s RICOH THETA HDR APP the high-resolution 360 degree camera RICOH THETA S creates an impressive 360 degree panoramic image with just one click on your smartphone or tablet. Using Panolife’s web-based FEELESTATE CMS software, the 360-degree images can be easily connected to an imposing virtual tour of your property. No IT- or photography skills are required.


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