Uses RICOH THETA, a standalone VR headset optimized for sales presentations, and a cloud-based software platform.

The NURVE VR services Japan.

Nurve cloud is a VR platform that connects the real and the virtual. Nurve services offers common functions such as collecting, managing, and distributing VR content. The Nurve cloud can be integrated with various applications using a Development kit. 


The company addresses the need for buyers, owners, and agents.

Appears to be in use by more than half of the top 10 real estate companies in Japan.


Other VR Experiences with NURVE:

Panorama Online Negotiation Tool:

Serving customers remotely using a web browser via a Web call tool that allows 360-degree preview. 




Virtual storeServe customers face-to-face with video calls





VR preview at homeThis is a service that allows you to see a VR preview at home.





More information from this YouTube video.