HDMI live streaming over cellular modems at an effective transmission rate of 12 mbps.

HDMI Live Streaming Using Bonded Cellular Modems

I’ve been talking to the team over at Streambox about HDMI live streaming over cellular modems. I just realized that they’re bonding 4 cellular modems for an effective transmission rate of 12 mbps. With their rig and cloud stitching, you can put the THETA in a drone, helicopter, or other mobile broadcast platform and then stream the 360 live event to YouTube or Periscope.

They’ve conducted tests with the THETA and broadcasted 360 video to both YouTube and Periscope.






With their mobile system, people can insert SIM data cards into the modem unit, preferably using different carriers, e.g. Sprint, Verizon, ATT, T Mobile. A single carrier will work too.All carriers sell data cards.

For drones, they sell an Industrial module with SMA connectors. The antennas can be mounted somewhere outside the drone. See Embedded Modem Module for Industrial Applications. Different antennas can be used. It’s also possible to use USB modems.

Cloud Stitching

Embedded modem for drones with antenna.



Sample RICOH THETA S 360 live streaming video using Streambox Cloud Encoder with embedded cellular modems taken from a moving car in Seattle.

360 Live Drive test with Streambox Micro and Cloud stitching

Sample RICOH THETA S 360 live streaming using the Streambox Cloud Encoder, BlackMagic UltraStudio Mini Recorder, MacBook Pro with USB modems, and Streambox Cloud. Weather is a bit cloudy.