Implements basic parts necessary for developing RICOH THETA plug-ins. References a plug-in library.

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THETA Plug-in Development - Getting Started

THETA V API documentation and SDK

Here’s an extensive Plug-in SDK and API Documentation Overview YouTube video by @codetricity. Great place to start if you’re considering doing development with the V. Craig talks through documentation and what’s available.


The RICOH THETA V is a special 360° camera that allows a wide range of options for developers integrating 360° technology into their products and services. Previous models supported the Open Spherical Camera API and many apps have been developed using smartphones to control the camera and do interesting things. Companies in Construction, Automobiles, Museums, Real Estate, Law Enforcement and more have implement 360° products and solutions based on the RICOH THETA.

For business purposes, the THETA V provides multiple benefits:

  • Faster time between pictures (8 seconds for the THETA S versus 4 seconds for the THETA V)
  • Faster file download times than the THETA S (7 seconds versus 1 second, even at the lower 2.4Ghz WiFi connection to the mobile app)
  • Picture-taking speed of the V is 3x faster than the S (5 seconds versus 15 seconds). With the V, 4 seconds is the stitching time and 1 second is the transfer time. For the THETA S, 7 seconds is transfer time, and 8 seconds is stitching time.
  • Downloading speed via WiFi using 5Ghz is even faster and very useful when downloading large 4K videos

The THETA V is now Android-based which makes it very similar to programming for an Android phone. Here is a more complete explanation of THETA V development environment. It still continues to support the Open Spherical Camera API as well.

The documentation and SDK will make building your first plug-in, tuned specifically to your needs, much easier!