Z1 V SC2 S
360° virtual tours, 3D models and floor plans with video calling.

Use the EyeSpy360 for virtual tours and professional photography.


Use any 360 camera to capture your 360 photos. From using your mobile phone to professional-grade equipment. Typically one 360 image per room is all you need. EyeSpy360 makes it simple by leaving it to their platform to create a stunning Virtual Tour, 3D Model, Floor Plan, and Teaser Video sent back to you directly via email.

About Z1: Currently the King of 360 cameras. Plenty of functionality and flexibility, most of which is wasted if you’re not a Pro Photographer. Out of the box, easy to use with very good image quality, though you will pay for it, the Z1 is not cheap.

About SC2: Lightweight affordable and easy to use. Good image quality, Lenses can break easily if you’re not careful. For simple out of the box, point-and-shoot, it certainly is good value for money.

Best Practice Guide


Main Features:

- EyeSpyLIVE: Live video calls with integrated screen share inside every tour.

-  EyeSpyPLAY: Create your own pre-recorded virtual tour. Include audio or video narration.

- Virtual Staging: Instantly showcase your property with furniture digitally.  



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