Telepresence app lets you invite clients, collaborators to join you in a real place in real-time.

The AVATOUR platform enables live virtual tours: up to 5 VR users from anywhere can talk with a local host in a 360-degree teleconference.

Founded in 2017 by key members of the Nokia OZO team, Imeve develops tools and solutions for live and real-time immersive applications. 

Which 360° camera should I use with AVATOUR?

How it works

AVATOUR was designed to solve a simple but very important problem: you can’t always get the right people to the right place.

  • Real estate agents can’t always get their clients to the property.
  • Construction crews can’t always get needed expertise on site.

One-to-many streaming doesn’t solve these problems. Neither does standard videoconferencing. AVATOUR Remote Presence does.

With AVATOUR, multiple remote guests can join a local host in a real place. Avatour captures a space in real-time using a 360-degree camera, delivers a low-latency high-resolution stream, and allows up to 5 users to join using a VR headset or on any standard laptop or mobile device. Our goal is to create the Zoom of XR.

 Check out the below demo video, showing the view from inside a headset, of an AVATOUR of a property led in real time by a property agent:

Avatour Real Estate Demo in headset with audio

This platform has a wide range of applications for businesses and consumers to bring to the world in conjunction with Ricoh and their Theta hardware line.

AVATOUR: Platform