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Enabling construction teams to quickly understand and view jobsite status

Ricoh launched RICOH360 Projects on January 13, 2021. Announcement.

The service is focused on enabling teams to collaborate on construction job sites.


The Teams feature of RICOH360 Projects allows users to invite members to the team, and assign and collaborate on a particular project with secured access control options.

According to Ricoh, a single 360° image can replace up to 10 regular photos, capturing the walls, ceiling and floor of a room with one single press of a button on the user’s Ricoh THETA camera.

RICOH360 Projects enables project managers, foreman, safety managers, designers, owners and any construction stakeholders to instantly capture and embed a 360° photo to a drawing by location, making navigation seamless.







Trying it out with .guide tests

Free Demo is available with immediate access.

I was able to login immediately after creating an instant account.


There is a pre-built demo.


Editing positions are done with a mouse.


You can draw directly on the 360 views.


Uploading THETA images of a California house.


I marked up the images.




There does not appear to be keyboard input to add notes. I can’t figure out a way to attach documents to the image.

Adding members for collaboration.




The project can handle 98 members and 242 images.


Test with custom floorplan.


With image loaded to a position.





Full Announcement

AEC Companies Can Access Project Details from Anywhere at Any Time, Accelerate Project Completion, and Reduce Travel and Rework Costs

CAMPBELL, Calif., Jan. 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Ricoh, which helps companies and individuals transform the way they work and harness their collective knowledge, introduced today RICOH360 Projects. This new solution arms the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry with the ability to efficiently create and share immersive views of construction sites. RICOH360 Projects complements Ricoh’s existing expertise in 360° image data services for business.

“RICOH360 Projects optimizes construction site workflow for workers both onsite and remote,” said Yasuo Nishiyama, Director of New Business Development at Ricoh USA, Inc. “RICOH’s THETA camera makes it easy to acquire 360° immersive images and the cloud-based RICOH360 reality capture and communication platform make it easy to upload, share, organize and collaborate.”

RICOH360 Projects provides a means of creating, annotating and sharing immersive 360° views via a mobile app. From the planning phase through maintenance management, construction companies and designers in the AEC field can effortlessly share 360° capture locations on-site across multiple projects accessible from anywhere. These digitized sites better document progress with immersive 360° views from mobile and web browsers without the need for specialized software.

Project managers, foreman, safety managers, designers and any construction stakeholders including owners can now easily and quickly view what is happening from anywhere at any time, share ideas from experts worldwide, and accelerate project workflow by optimizing activities, avoiding costly mistakes and reducing rework. With the rapidly growing use of new technologies, contractors are seeing the immediate savings they can gain by collaborating with team leaders to plan, coordinate, control and monitor the project they are working on.

“With the AEC industry becoming increasingly competitive, unlocking efficiencies through a secure cloud platform that allows for immersive 360° images of physical spaces to be embedded automatically into a drawing by location and time makes documentation and navigation effortless,” added Matt Boggs, Project Superintendent, Warwick Construction, a Houston, Texas-based nationally licensed retail general contractor. “Capturing the entire space helps build trust and credibility in an industry where reputation means everything.”

A single 360° image can replace up to 10 regular photos, capturing the walls, ceiling and floor of a room with one single press of a button. Hence, the team can ensure they secure all images necessary for optimal site surveys, planning activities and spot inspections to complete the project efficiently and avoid reshoots.

Smart features within the RICOH360 Projects platform enable users to add notes to the 360° image. In addition, whether capturing images daily, weekly or monthly, with the TimeLine feature users can organize all progress in chronological order or compare before and after views side-by-side of the same jobsite during the development phase.

Starting at $50 per month, users will be able to capture and host up to 250 images. The only gear needed is the RICOH360 Projects app — available for iOS — and the user’s Ricoh’s THETA camera. A Teams feature allows users to invite members to the team, and assign and collaborate on a particular project with secured access control options.

RICOH360 Projects is changing the way individuals and teams approach construction jobsites with technology that anybody can use to create 360° immersive views instantly. Adopting this platform as a project manager, designer and owner, it can allow for unparalleled growth. From winning new business to reducing travel time and rework, and improving margins, data can be accessed anytime from anywhere leading to better predicted project outcomes.

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Ricoh is the leader in the development of high-quality immersive 360° cameras and platforms for prosumers and professionals to easily capture and share 360° views of physical spaces from a mobile app in minutes. Ricoh creates intuitive solutions that require no professional, technical or photography experience to create immersive digitized photo-realistic views of a physical environment. For more information, please visit here.