Sphere Print

Print out 360 images in “apple shape” cutout with “hooks” thereby avoiding using glue or tape.

Note: Print service are priced in Japanese yen but site appears to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express

Start here by uploading your 360 image and seeing a simulation of what it would look like. This does NOT require you to be the image: Sphere Print Simulation

Here's an example of uploading a test image (from an airplane seat):





Explanation video: Printing 360-degree photo on a sphere


How to make a globe or sphere
1. Start from the parts with red line on the side. Start from the "North pole".
2. Hook the edge one by one.
3. Hook the next parts after one part is finished.
4. "South pole" is the last.
5. Check the whole shape and it's finished!
  • Be careful not to make a crease.
  • Be careful not to make it wet.
  • After finishing, please check north and south pole again. Please see the movie how to complete.
  • Start from "North pole" is recommended. It will be harder if you start from "South pole" because the shape of the hooks are different.
  • Be careful not to expose it to sunlight. The color tends to be fade out in ultra violet light.