Globus Map Projector

By Mike Wisniewski
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Converts images from one spherical projection to another. Runs entirely in a browser, using JavaScript and WebGL.

If you just want to make a globe, you can visit this simplified version

If you want to use all the options of the program, go here

How to project?

  1. Pick the image you want to project. It doesn’t have to be equirectangular projection
  2. Specify in what projection your image was. You can also upload your own projection.
  3. Specify the projection you want to get. You can also upload your own projection.
  4. Now that you’ve picked projections, you will be asked for additional data – e.g. which meridian do you want to be central. Usually, leaving everything unchanged will give you default projections.
  5. Click project!. You can now see your projection
  6. Right-click your projection and click save image

Learn how to write your own projection here.



I used the simplied version to create two images, one with 12 gores, one with 6 gores. Output sizes are 5376 x 2688; these examples here have been reduce to 600 x 300.