Theta Transfer

By hirota41d
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Enables transferal of original (3584 x 1792) JPG images directly from RICOH THETA to Android.

The description of Theta Transfer

Best quality without PC. This app enables you to transfer original (3584x1792pix) JPG images directly from THETA to Android.

The procedure is as follows.
1. Connect THETA and Android via WIFI.
2. Make sure that other app is not connected to THETA.
3. Launch this app and push "load" button.
4. Select thumbnails, push "download" button then the original images are transferred to "/Pictures/" folder. It takes 9 seconds with Nexus5 & THETA m15.

*This app doesn't support THETA S. The official app does.

Theta Transfer 2.0 Update


Transfer multiple images.
Bugfix (checkbox)

No longer available from Google Play. Must download apk from APK Pure.