Small, powerful computer from NVIDIA, stream from the RICOH THETA as normal USB web cam using the RICOH THETA USB API.


It's common to use this board with the RICOH THETA USB API.  Open source developers are also working on user mode drivers to allow the RICOH THETA to stream to the Jetson as a normal USB web cam. You can then use your AI or image processing library of choice on the live stream.  Current projects use still images.  Check back for updates soon.

When using ptpcam, you many need to recompile libptp2 and adjust the PTP packet length as follows:

In the source code of the libptp2 there is an incorrect reading sequence of PTP event data.

Changing the definition of the PTP_USB_INT_PACKET_LEN to 28 will solve the problem.

https://sourceforge.net/p/libptp/code/HEAD/tree/trunk/src/ptp.h#l77 1



When processing 4K live streaming video, you will likely need to add a fan.  See below.


Tripod Tip

Use a 1/4" by 20 thread per inch stud and coupling to mount the THETA on a tripod and still access the USB port. The parts are roughly $3 at a hardware store.