For YouTube and Facebook, loads a 360º video file, injects video metadata, and saves a copy of the file.

Video on useage:

Videos on why Injection matters: 


VRfix reinjects 360º video metadata.

When you manage 360º video files, also known as spherical video or equirectangular media, important metadata may be lost during the editing process.

Without 360º video metadata, popular site likes YouTube or Facebook cannot playback 360 degree video correctly with spherical controls or as a 'magic window' from a mobile device.

VRfix loads a 360º video file, reinjects video metadata, and saves the file to your device.

Set the folder VRfix injects to, and selects video from, in the Settings.

When VRfix video metadata injection is completed a random Giphy will be displayed with a precomposed Tweet.

Change the random Giphy value in the settings.

How to use VRfix? - Check out on YouTube.

Why inject? Check out video series on YouTube.

Further info, check out FAQ on website.

Contact us via the Feedback tab in the app - we answer queries in minutes not hours/days.

Stay spherical.