Create and publish virtual tours online for free.

Theasys is a 360° Virtual Tour building platform. Using panoramic images shot with any 360° cameras or professional equipment, users can create awesome media enriched VR experiences.

Theasys 360° Virtual Tour Creator also offers features for marketing and business purposes.

Theasys - 360 VR Online Virtual Tour Creator

Other Features:

- Google Analytics integration

- Custom Logo

- SEO Options

- Thumbnail View

- VR Options



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Interview with Theasys CEO - 2018



Grampsas Dionysios, CEO and co-founder of Theasys was interviewed for this article.




Why did you start Theasys?

Grampsas: We are a team coming from Greece with great love for 360° photography, VR and web technology in general. We used to shoot 360° Virtual Tours for clients back in 2012 and the existing programs at that time didn’t offer us the speed and efficiency we needed for our projects.

At the same time and while having a strong background in web development we have started to work the idea of a VR publishing platform that could solely run on the browser. It really seemed as a dream at that time. But as said… if you can dream of something you can also make it happen.

The result of that initial idea is Theasys. It took us almost three years of hard programming and problem solving to have our platform ready for launch.

Is it a good time for 360 Image Businesses?

Grampsas: We are online for less than 4 months now and we have already grown a large database of users.

At this time Theasys is under Public Beta. During this period we will be adding new features and fix possible bugs or glitches. Whatever our users create during this period will keep running for free even if it uses features that may be included in future pricing plans.

What are your future plans for Theays?

Grampsas: Our goal is to make Theasys the best VR publishing platform that will be able to cover a large area of needs and scopes of use. We are constantly building new features and one of the greatest future additions will be our API. That means that we will open a way for our users to create immersive experiences with simple knowledge of HTML5. All the complexity is already solved by us.