Simple HDR

Quickly capture a full set of bracketed 360° images, simplified down to two main settings, for RICOH THETA m15 and S.

Make 360° HDR images quickly and easily with Simple HDR.

NOTE: A Ricoh Theta camera is required to use Simple HDR. We support the Ricoh Theta m15 and Ricoh Theta S models.

Simple HDR is the easy way to quickly capture a full set of bracketed 360° images. You can use these images to create beautiful 360° landscapes, or to capture light maps or reflection maps for use in visual effects or video games.

Unlike other HDR apps, we remove the complexity from this process and give you just two great options to choose from. We did our research, took hundreds of test images, and found the options that let you get the most out of the Ricoh Theta’s capabilities.

Choose our Auto setting to quickly capture three 360° images, covering a range of 5 stops in just 15 seconds. This should be enough light data to capture most indoor or mixed lighting scenes.

Or you can choose our Pro setting to take up to 7 shots, covering a range of 12 stops. This setting is ideal for outdoor scenes in bright daylight.

When you’re done shooting, you can use Photoshop or your favorite HDR tool to create beautiful landscapes, lighting maps, or reflection maps.