Google Tour Creator

By Google, Inc.
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Tour Creator makes it easy to build immersive, 360° tours right from your computer.

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Based on @Juantonto’s tip, I took a look at the new Google Tour Creator. Wow, it’s simple to build VR tours!

From the Google announcement:

Tour Creator …enables students, teachers, and anyone with a story to tell, to make a VR tour using imagery from Google Street View or their own 360 photos. The tool is designed to let you produce professional-level VR content without a steep learning curve.

RICOH THETA seems to be pretty closely aligned with the announcement, judging from this link:







I jumped in and tried it myself. I went here:


I logged in using my gmail account:




At first I had some trouble with the site settings:


But I talked to the site administrator (me) and got it fixed. Got started:




And built a short little tour of a trip up the coast from the Bay Area last year. No extra software needed. Easy to edit titles and attribution. I’d like a way to set orientation. And I’d like some simple editing tools. But both of those can be done before the uploads.

Then you post on a Google site called Poly. Take a look!

Comment: Google has stated that this is aimed for teachers and students. I think it is strong on getting up and going quickly, which would be great in an education setting. It’s weaker on features that would make it feel like a more personalized or professional site.

It does have a nice polished feel, with titling, easy navigation, recommendations for other Tours, and more. While editing, I liked that I was able to first create it as Unlisted and then switch to Public when I felt like it was closer to the final version. It’s also easy to move the order of the Scenes, delete, change them later.