360° car photography app for automotive dealer digital merchandising

Glo3D 360 Car Photography brings a car photography studio to the smartphone. Glo3D provides a solution to capture, edit, share and embed 360° virtual tours to online stores.

  • Glo3D enables car dealers to create engaging 360° tours of their inventory and create a virtual turntable effect with no-post processing and automatic integration. This application is compatible with website platforms and inventory management systems such as WordPress, HomeNet, and vAuto. Glo3D’s 360 Car Photography App can generate 360° car videos and 360° spin images up to 16K resolution with multi-level zoom which is suitable for online store web pages.

Interview with Sean Toussi, CEO of Glo3D









Sean Toussi, Chief Executive Officer at Glo3D. Glo3D is a Mobile app that helps dealers create professional video tours and virtual tours of cars with custom backgrounds in under 5 minutes and automatically syncs to their website and inventory management using just a smartphone.


What type of customer is ideal for Glo3D? 

We are focused on independent car dealerships or other organizations that need to merchandise cars. 

One immediate benefit is that if an independent dealership uses Glo3D, they no longer need a photographer. We are a Do It Yourself (DIY) content creator. Glo3D 360 Car Photography (iOS | Android), with over 10K downloads on Google Play, brings a car photography studio to the smartphone. Glo3D reduces photographer time by half, and output is 10x better. We generate nicer photos, and a video tour, and a virtual tour and automatically sync them. Glo3D’s 360 Car Photography App can generate 360° car videos and 360° spin images up to 16K resolution with multi-level zoom which is suitable for online store web pages that dealerships use. 

The normal workflow of taking pictures, connecting to the cloud service, editing images, and connecting to multiple integration services used to take 15-20 mins per car. Now it’s down to 5 minutes.

What’s the main advantage for your customers?  

We are a content generator and a content distributor, all in one. We reduce the time spent on car photography and videography significantly while improving the vehicle image and the company image thus driving more engagement and sales. 

In general, our customers create 30-40 virtual tours per day. And it’s not just creating content, it’s integration with inventory, websites, marketing, and more. Using Glo3D, dealers spend just a few minutes with the car, and from that Glo3D creates lots of usable content: interior and exterior images, cleaned up backgrounds, automatically added hotspots, and a video tour that goes to social media. 

There are links to Inventory Management Systems (IMS) and services like Homenet, TheAuto (Cox Automotive), and for independent dealers services like Dealer Center, Dealer Inspire, Dealer Socket.

Glo3D saves time.

What’s your business model? Can other businesses license your technology on a white label basis and then sell it under their own label? 

We charge a base subscription, and we charge Pay As You Go for specific features. We do offer some of our features as a white label such as our background removal, which customers can resell at any price they like.

What’s the one key piece of advice for selling a car more quickly? 

In a world where buying and selling cars online is becoming more and more normal, the car's presentation is critical.


How important is it to add an interior 360 panorama image?

It helps to give customers a more immersive experience and understanding of the car. And it saves significant time for the organization taking pictures: just one interior shot and you’re done.

Do you sell kits with the camera and the monopod? What’s the advantage of buying a kit? 

Our core products do not require any hardware, except smartphones. But if you have a THETA, we have you covered. Our Glo3D app is compatible with RICOH THETA X, Z1, SC2, SC, and S.


Do most dealerships customize the Glo3D app? What are the best customizations? 

The customization of our features and settings is focused on making the software more branded to them. Things like custom backgrounds, menu colors, themes, and company-specific promotions are common customizations that our customers make.



Cool Tech

AutoTrader,, CarGurus, and TruCar can’t display panoramic interior images, so Glo3D has an algorithm that extracts still photos (front, side, back and more) from the 360 image.

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