360Photo-to-Video is a useful, quick application for 360° creators who currently prefer editing their media on desktop. For users who transfer images directly to their mobile device, it is a little more cumbersome of a converter than using an app. But for 360° professionals whos workflow is set up on a computer, 360Photo-to-Video is a perfectly suitable option for sharing content with friends and family on social media. 

I tried out the website 360Photo-to-Video recently in an attempt to learn more about ways to share my 360° photography with my friends on social media. 360Photo-to-Video boasts itself as a simple converter for users who want to share their 360 or panorama photography on sites that do not support 360°, such as Pinterest or Twitter. 


360Photo-to-Video has fairly budget friendly pricing plans:

Free version comes with ads. Uploaded files (images and converted videos) are only stored for 48 hours. Also, it allows only one share page without custom URL.

No-ads is $1.99. It would remove ads but doesn’t add anything else.

$4.99 and higher plans enable all paid features such us unlimited share pages with custom URLs and give more storage for uploaded files.


The 360Photo-to-Video workspace is fairly easy to navigate. Every section is clearly labeled and can be easily toggled between slidebars, dropdown menus, etc. Of note is that you can set a few different options, render your video, and then toggle anything you need to adjust. For myself, I ended up adding more rotations and changed some of the positioning. The language for some options is a little hard to understand (such as “field of view”), but fiddling with the options helps to give some insight into what happens (more or less of the initial image appears in the crop). 


In 2021, 360Photo-to-Video has implemented multiple new features. The changes are as follows: 

  • Added text labels that can be added to videos / tours.
  • Users can now add sounds to converted videos. Choose from preloaded set of sounds like forest, seashore, wind, etc. Custom user’s sounds will be implemented in the future. This feature only works with MP4 exports at the moment.
  • You can now preview before converting. Hi-res videos take time to convert and it can be frustrating to find out a setting was wrong. Users can now quickly preview converted video in low-res to avoid doubling work.

UPDATE: 360 photo to video conversion API


API documentation is available here. At the moment only PRO plan users can get access since it requires running CPU hungry server-side code and some manual configuration. Feel free to ask any questions.

Images credits (all from flickr): 123.

UPDATE from the developer: Introducing Splits

I recently added splits to 360photo-to-video.com. Splits are 2 interactive images in 360-degree format separated horizontally or vertically. Like so:



They can be used standalone or embedded with iframe, similar to loops (as described here Convert 360 video into interactive GIF - #10 by eGene).

Great way to show your before and after pictures compared side-to-side!v

In general, the pros and cons for 360Photo-to-Video are as follows:




  • Easy to use
  • Batch upload 
  • Nice filter options
  • Simple to navigate 
  • A little slow to apply changes
  • No custom path for video
  • Simplistic