360 Magic Tour

Creates virtual 360º tours using THETA S, allows moving around rooms and spaces.

Open the doors of your properties to buyers from all of the world. Visitors are able to see properties independently, moving around the rooms, like in any real visit, but in a virtual environment. No programming knowledge required.

Hi! I decided to take some time this week to figure out what program was best for my needs to share my 360 media. Today I’m focusing on the 360 MagicTour application. 

I used the Ricoh Theta SC Hatsune Miku to capture my photos/videos and an iPadPro to edit them. 

Initial Thoughts

360 MagicTour is a mobile phone based application that allows for simple tour creation. The application is simple and fairly basic, which makes it perfect for creating quick tours on the go. Another added bonus is that there is no need for cell service to use the application. For someone like me with a less than stellar connection at my home, this is a neat feature. I’m sure it’s more useful on construction sites, but across the house from the modem is an adequate test. 


The application has some features still in the works, but there are plenty of features available as is.  

You can see the application pulls from 360 images stored locally on your device. This is easy to use and straightforward. 

You are able to set a viewfinder for your images as your first step. You can then add hotspots and link images in your tour to one another.

The application seems able to take a fair number of images comfortably, though I didn’t test the “unlimited” uploads. I had a fine time with 20 images in my tour, though. (My naming scheme clearly leaves a lot to be desired here.) 360 MagicTour allows you to set not only an image name but an image description for all of your uploads, as well. This is nice if you are trying to keep your images in a linear progression, or if you are doing a tour of a building whos rooms you are aware of by name (like a house over, say, a local art gallery). 


The free tier does not allow you to capture analytics on your tour, but the analytics for my articles always looks fairly similar :) Of note is that the application is not sized well for tablets. The program is definitely intended to be used on a mobile phone, though there is no loss of features on a tablet. The nadir cover is forgettable, though with a fun colorful logo like the one 360 MagicTours has, I was sad to see that wasn’t the cover!


If you would like to view my tour, you should be able to do so here. So, here are my pros and cons for the 360 MagicTour application:




  • Easy to use
  • Offline enabled 
  • Unlimited photo upload at all tier levels
  • Can share tours easily
  • Application does not have function to autofill location (relies on location pin or fill in)
  • Application features still being filled in
  • No way to set a cover image for social media sharing at any tier level

Concluding Thoughts

If you are someone who is on the go or regularly in places with spotty service, 360 MagicTour is a good choice for creating simple, fast tours for your clients or friends. If it was up to me, I would make every application this simple and easy to use. The unlimited photo upload at all tiers is also a perk I was excited to see translate so well into the application- no crashing or burning here! I would like to see how the application changes with time and reevaluate when features like photo retouching have been added.