Build Android Apps that Run Inside the Camera

16 Sample Applications

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Wireless Live Streaming to YouTube
File Cloud Upload to Google Photos
Wireless 360° Streaming to Facebook Events
Install and Configure Plug-ins from THETA Store
Developer Guide

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API Usage
360 Media

Control Image Stitching

Control image and video stitching of dual-fisheye spheres. Reduce time between shots by saving images as dual-fisheye and stitch them later with batch processing. (Stitching library not included in SDK. Third-party libraries available.)

Unleash Hardware Features

Control LED color, blink rate, button presses, sound, and microphones. Play music or human speech from internal THETA speakers. Access internal sensors, including gyroscopic data. Connect camera directly to Internet.

Access Internal Android OS

Use standard Android development tools and libraries to build your plug-in and install it directly inside the camera. Plug-in SDK comes with Ricoh library to access camera buttons, LEDs, and camera features.

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