Facebook Live Event


Easily put 360° Live Events on your Facebook timeline or corporate Page. Stream directly from the THETA V with Wi-Fi. No other device is needed.

Create Facebook Live Event

Go to https://www.facebook.com/live/create

facebook live event

You will see the Connect page. Although the blue button is tempting to press right now, hold on for just a second. You need to set the event to 360°.

facebook connect

Go to the Settings panel. Go to 360 VIDEO.

360 event

Make sure you've checked, Broadcast this as a spherical video.

Select 360 Video - Standard.

360 video standard

Configure THETA

You need to copy the Server URL and Persistent Stream Key from Facebook into your THETA web-based configuration tool. Make sure the Server URL starts with live-360. Start the stream, either by pressing the button in the web browser or pressing the physical shutter button on the camera.

theta config

Start Event

Preview the event to make sure it is in 360°. You will see the 360° directional indicator in the right of the panel.


The front view is the directly opposite the rear lens that is opposite of the shutter button on the camera.

preview direction

Go live.


Do to low upstream bandwidth, I am streaming only at 720p, not at the 4K the THETA V is capable of.


Invite specific friends or make your Facebook Live 360° Event open to the public.


Engage with your audience.


Note that audio is single channel only right now. This is the screenshot from Jesse Casman's workstation in San Francisco. I'm talking to him using the THETA internal microphone from Palo Alto.

world view