Connect THETA with WiFi

After your THETA V is configured to launch the plug-in you want to use, you may need to configure network settings on your THETA. Although not all plug-ins need Internet access, some plug-ins will expect that you configured your THETA with the name of the router in your home or office as well as the password. This is the same Wi-Fi router that your mobile phone and laptop usually connect to.

From Settings, select Wireless LAN client mode.

Go to Access point settings.

Add the Access point for your router.

Enter the name of the access point and the password. In this example my access point is called, “learniot”.

If you do not know the security settings for your WiFi router, it is likely to be WPA/WPA2 PSK.

With your WiFi configured, you can now put your THETA V into client mode by pressing the WiFi button a few times until the WiFi LED flashes green. Once connected, the WiFi LED will change to solid green.