Upload to Google Photos

With your THETA plug-in authorized with your Google Account, you will see a solid green Wi-Fi LED and the solid blue Live LED when your THETA is in plug-in mode.

Verify THETA is Ready

If your THETA is not in a ready state, verify the following:

  1. Cloud Upload plug-in is selected as active plug-in
  2. THETA is in plug-in mode and there is a solid white LED above the shutter button
  3. THETA V is connected to Internet. If your LED is flashing blue, press the Wi-Fi button on the side of the camera. The Wi-Fi LED will flash green initially, then be solid green when the connection is established
  4. Your plug-in is authorized with your Google Account.

Start Upload

You can use the shutter button to start the upload or press the button in the web browser.

Verify Upload Progress

When your upload starts, you will see three blinking LEDs: green Wi-Fi, blue camera, blue Live.

In your web-based configuration too, you will also see a progress bar.