Vysor Tips

Using Vysor From Linux or Other OS

I've found the easiest way to Vysor on Linux is to use the Vysor Chrome Extension in the Chrome web browser on Linux.

Vysor Extension

On Linux, you can also install Vysor as a desktop application with the information here.

The basic process is shown below.

git clone https://github.com/koush/electron-chrome.git
cd electron-chrome
npm install

Using the Chrome Store app id for Vysor:

electron --enable-logging . --app-id=gidgenkbbabolejbgbpnhbimgjbffefm

Fixing Flickering Problem on Certain NVIDIA Cards

On an old NVIDIA graphics card, I needed to disable flipping using the NVIDIA X Server Settings. I am using X11, not Wayland on Ubuntu 18.04. You can check to see if you're running Wayland or X11 with this:


OpenGL Settings