• Entering/Exiting Plug-in Mode on the camera
    • User presses Mode Button to enter and exit Plug-in Mode; Blue LED indicates regular Camera Mode, White LED indicates Plug-in Mode engaged - Note: exiting Plug-in Mode triggers Red LED to flash and disengage sound to play
  • Force power down
    • Press WLAN + POWER buttons for 10 seconds
  • WLAN reset
    • Press WLAN button for 10 seconds
  • Shutdown versus Sleep mode
    • Press and hold power button 3-4 seconds to shutdown, indicated with three slow blinks of red LED - Pressing power button quickly will engage Sleep Mode, no LEDs
  • Battery Status
    • No display on Camera, requires using THETA mobile app or REST API command. On Windows, you can right-click on the THETA icon in File Explorer to see the battery level.

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