Fun Tests To Explore THETA V Capability

This section is intended to show off some functionality and tests that are a "good start" but maybe need more effort. It's constantly a work in progress. But hopefully it helps point you in the right direction or give you some interesting starting points to do more.


Since you've got a full Android OS funning inside the camera, there are quite a bit of apps and utilities that are already available. This is a real strength of the camera. This video shows some GREAT tips and tricks for setting up different Android apps running inside of the THETA V in plug-in mode. In includes details on setting up Developer Mode, turning off the camera services, using Vysor and using a virtual keyboard to connect to wifi, and tons more.

Here's a simple test after installed Facebook Messenger in a THETA V. We used Facebook Messenger to receive video and audio streams from the Internet. The video also shows the THETA V playing music and audio from internal plug-ins.


The THETA has all the functionality of a normal Android system. This includes using its speakers and mics (4 total) to interact with users. It's clear that the THETA V plug-in technology can be used to provide audio prompts to users, including human voice feedback. "Hey, THETA, take a picture now," for example.

Here's a short, cool test using the internal speaker to play human speech. The audio file is single channel, 22050Hz 32-bit.