File Cloud Upload Example

The source code is available on GitHub.

You may need to clone the repo with Git Large File Storage if you want to download the pre-compiled apk with the repo. This guide covers working with the source code and compiling it within Android Studio.

Usage of the File Cloud Upload plug-in is covered extensively in the Plug-in User Guide (free registration to community required).


  • understanding of how to import projects into Android Studio. If you need a refresher, see the example for the Wireless Live Streaming Plug-in
  • experience with THETA plug-in. More information is available in the Plug-in User Guide
  • ability to connect your THETA to the Internet in client mode. See the Plug-in User Guide for more information
  • THETA must be in developer mode

Test Environment

  • THETA THETA V firmware 2.31.1
  • Android Studio 3.1.3
  • Windows 10 64 bit
  • File Cloud Upload Plug-in ver.1.0.9 (2018/07/23)

Import Project

File -> Import Project


Browse Code

app -> java ->

upload photo

Secret Key

Scroll down to the section on SecretKey. You will need to insert your own SecretKey.

Build Project

build success


adb install PATH\app-debug.apk

adb install

Check App Permissions

The File Cloud Upload plug-in must have permission to use storage.

In Vysor, go to Settings -> Apps.

wrong permissions

correct permissions

Test Usage

Please see the Plug-in User Guide for usage information.