Development Tutorials


Your primary way to control the camera is with the Android Camera class. Although this API was deprecated in level 21, it still works. Make sure you use the older Camera class and not the newer camera2 API.

Use the offiical Android API documentation as your main reference.

There are a set of THETA features that are not covered by the Android Camera API. These are covered by using Camera.Parameters

We have prepared four tutorials for you to get started.

Tutorial Learning Objective Benefit of Learning
Vysor Learn techniques to to test plug-in and related technologies Test plug-in without mobile phone display
LED Color Understand structure of plug-in library. Control LED color. Be able to use plugin library.
LED Communication Learn how to communicate status of app or camera to users using the LEDs. Communicate to users without mobile phone display
Camera Buttons Learn to use camera buttons to get user input. Get user input without mobile phone touchscreen

Next steps

You can now go back to the main Android developer documentation on the Android site to add in standard Android functionality. You can also test different libraries for network and image processing. The next section of this guide, Custom Development Tips, will show you how to adjust the stitching of the THETA images. We'll update this document regularly. If you have questions, the community is here to help.