There is a very active and fun community around the RICOH THETA V development. Check out now.

The main hub THETA developer discussion is the independent developer community at There are more than a 1,200 registered THETA developers on the community site viewing 70,000 pages a month. You do not need to register to read the content, but it would be great if you signed for free and asked a question or shared some information.

We want to hear from you!

How to Ask a Question

Public Question

Go to the THETA API Usage conference.

Click on New Topic.

Write the title of your question and the details in the body.

If you are new to the community, your question will need to get approved for the first post only.

Private Question

You can message us directly on Or you can send email to

Events, Meetups and Workshops

A number of workshops are planned to cover different aspects of plug-in development. We also hold physical and online meetings to explore the booming business around applications for 360 cameras. Here are some of the upcoming events for developers:

  • NYVR (Oct 25-27, New York, NY)
  • Unite 2018 (Oct 23-25, Los Angeles)
  • AU - Autodesk University (Nov 13-15, Los Angeles)

The RICOH THETA Developers SF Bay Area Meetup Group is the most active.

Marketing and Sales Questions

If you have questions about marketing and selling your application, Jesse Casman can relay your question to the appropriate people at Ricoh. He can also help you get your app onto the THETA Plug-in store and provide information on the process to get your plug-in showcased as a featured app.