RICOH Live Streaming Driver (THETA UVC Blender) with Equirectangular Output

Figure 1. USB live streaming with equirectangular

The USB driver appears as a web cam to applications running a Mac or PC. In the example above, the equirectangular video is shown streaming in QuickTime. A video clip that shows the output of the THETA S USB live streaming is available on YouTube.

You must install the live streaming driver, THETA UVC Blender. Download it from

driver download
Figure 2. Download the official RICOH live streaming driver

This walkthrough is for Windows 10 64 bit.

Right click on the UVCBlender_setup64_en.exe icon. Run as administrator

uvc blender setup icon
Figure 3. Right click to run setup as admin
setup run as admin
Figure 4. Make sure you run it as administrator

Run through the install wizard.

install shield
Figure 5. Follow onscreen instructions
install shield complete
Figure 6. InstallShield Wizard Completes

After installation, you will need to connect a THETA that is powered off to register the device. You may need to reboot. In my tests, I could not advance to the UVC register step without a reboot. If I try and register the device without rebooting, I see a flashing Establishing a Connection dialog, but the connection is never completed.

Figure 7. THETA UVC Register

If you need to reboot, run the THETA UVC Register application as administrator.

theta uvc register
Figure 8. Run THETA UVC Register as administrator

After a reboot and starting THETA UVC Register as administrator, I then plug the THETA in. The THETA is turned off. The connection is established.

register button
Figure 9. If you don’t see the register button, go back a few steps

The registration completes.

registration complete
Figure 10. Make sure the registration is successful

At this stage, you may need to reboot again. If you do, it is a one-time requirement.

Now, press power and mode to start the THETA S in live streaming mode. Test it with a common video streaming application such as Google Hangout. I have heard of people having problems displaying the stream. Start your application first with the camera unplugged. Once the application is running, select THETA UVC Blender, then start your THETA in live streaming mode, and plug it in. There are probably other ways to get the application to recognize the live stream, but this sequence consistently works for me.

Figure 11. Test with Google Hangout

Go into the settings of Google Hangout to select the THETA UVC Blender webcam.

select uvc blender
Figure 12. Select THETA UVC Blender, not THETA S
uvc blender selected
Figure 13. video should be in equirectangular
google hangout in use
Figure 14. THETA S in use as webcam

Here’s an example with Open Broadcaster Software.

Create a new Scene called THETA Test. Right click in Sources to Add a new Video Capture Device

obs video capture
Figure 15. Add THETA S as Video Capture Device to OBS

Under the Device Selection window, select THETA UVC Blender. Click OK.

obs video device selection
Figure 16. Select THETA UVC Blender as Device

The video stream will fill a portion of the screen. Select Edit Scene to size the video stream to fit.

obs base
Figure 17. Edit Scene to Fit the Stream
Figure 18. Live Streaming with Open Broadcaster Software

You can use OBS or other software to stream the image to YouTube. Refer to the blog post below for more information: